Born in the middle of the Austria alps with an outdoor playground out the front door mountain sports was a given circumstance. But it was the game of basketball that sparked my childhood dream of becoming a professional basketball player and thus finding my love of shoes. After years of chasing the dream and a year in the USA I was drawn again to the mountains and dipped into mountaineering, trail running, everything outdoors and serious road cycling. 
What started as a boy´ s passion turned into a lifetime pursuit to create the best footwear that would enable athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to perform at their highest level and foremost enjoy the products. Every adventure starts with a first step. Let´s make that footwear worthwhile.
Over the years I have created a design philosophy that changes an initial thought that might occur during long solitary bike rides, gruelling hikes or in moments before falling asleep into an innovation that is driven by design, craftsmanship and the greatest attention to detail. I believe the details make the difference. 
This portfolio reflects all of the above. I hope you enjoy the ride!​​​​​​​
Christoph. | Haus im Ennstal | Austria
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