Footwear Designer. Cyclist. Golfer. Sneakerhead.

Inspired by the all time greatest Michael Jordan and the game of basketball sparked my childhood dream of becoming a professional player. What started as a boy´s dream turned into my quest. I studied Industrial Design with the mission to become a footwear designer and to create the best products that would enable prime athletes and consumers perform at their highest level. Eventually design in all it´s aspects changed my lifestyle and the way I approach and consume it.

As a designer my goal is to be involved and surrounded by a passion for creating. The constant thought of improving. I feel confident in my ability to communicate ideas, translate concepts, and enlist emotions through my work. I am not afraid to make decisions or work towards them in a team environment.
Design is a series of solutions that should lead to pure satisfaction and beauty.

I will to continue with my passion to translating my school-boy-like excitement for sports and creativity into compelling and inspirational products.

Form follows emotion. With enthusiasm I strive for this perfection.
This website reflects all of the above. Enjoy the ride.

c. | Salzburg | Austria
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