Creating a new design language is something special.
When I started at Dachstein in 2013 my first task ahead of the summer 2015 collection was to give Dachstein a new face. A new identity rich of heritage, tradition and innovation.
The brand has not been visible at the market for years. The complete take-over from the company owners in 2012 and the formation of a complete new team led to new mission; to be in the top spot of the outdoor market again after the glorious times with ski boots in the 80´s.
What could be a better challenge than this? 
You need to be different, you need to look different. Offer products that others don´t have, offer services that others don´t have. Sell EMOTIONS and foremost, tell STORIES. After all that´s what product design is all about.
I would call it a "once in a lifetime statement".
This is the story of Dachstein´s new chapter in the industry and we are coming strong. This is our mission.
Stay tunes for the future.
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