Digital Football Pitch
The 27th of June 2010 was again the date when ballroom dancing and figure skating became more impartial and objective than soccer. This date gave us at least two more reasons why FIFA should apply modern technology to the most important minor matter on earth. Both games were heavily influenced by faulty decisions of the responsible referees.

The digital : football pitch is a breach of rule detection system.
It serves the referee as a support for decision making and prevents wrong decisions.

The system combines existing technologies and has two functions: Real-time position tracking of players and the ball and indication of fouls to the referee and spectators.
It is a system designed not to make the game more electric and futuristic, but to make it better and more enjoyable for the fans around the world.

Player Indication
The boots of a player light up if a player is offside.
Therefor a wrong decision will be avoided and the game is better comprehensible.

Mimotic Fabric
Stretch-sensitive materials are incorporated into shirts and shorts. If they get overstretched, they send a signal via the Rfid- Chips and shirt pulling can be detected.

Position Sensing
The position determintation of the ball via an Rfid-Chip and sensoric allow precise goal decisions.
When a regular goal is scored, the goal posts light up green, if an irregular goal is scored the goal posts will flash red.
2nd Semester Team Project - Summer Semester 2008
Industrial Design 2 - Studio Esslinger
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Mentored by Hartmut Esslinger, in a team with:
Svenja Schulz, Joachim Kornauth.
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