Dynamic Footwear
... revive your feet.
„The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and work of art.“ - Leonardo Da Vinci

Imagine you love to run, imagine you want to do it every day but pain in your spine or your shoulders limit your movements and range of motion and you eventually have to stop running.
The project combines ancient Chinese reflexology and state of the art nano technology to fuse in a running shoe to stimulate the reflex points and ease the pain while running.

We have 200,000 nerve endings in our feet, all of them are directly connected to your brain. When you feel an impulse it goes through your body, into your head. That is why our whole body starts to spasm when we get tickled on our feet.

Piezo electrical tubes in the HEX TECH outsole produce electricity and set the midsole liner in motion to provide a custom reflex point stimulation.
Due to the constant movement of the shoe, no battery is needed. The power flows directly to the REFLEX LINER.
526 individual lugs can be programmed with the smartphone application, which comes with 4 pre-settings.

The HX1 features high tech material and offers a state of the art running performance.
The upper of the shoe was designed with simplicity in mind, the less material and stitches, the less effect it will have on your run.
Instead of traditional stitching, the upper material is bonded together to prevent irritation.

Revive your feet with DYNAMIC FOOTWEAR  - The Next Evolution in Running Footwear

Christoph Döttelmayer - 1st Diploma
7th semester Project - Winter Semester 2010/ 11
Industrial Design 2 - Studio Hartmut Esslinger
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Design new running footwear with new technologies for the next evolution in running

Project Term:
1st diploma with final presentation & model
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