Green Transporter ZEV
More and more the earth gets polluted because us, because of the vehicles with drive daily only with one passenger in it. In India there are 26 people in or better said on one car.

We wanted to create a car that is fast and easily adaptable to a user‘s demands and needs.
It should combine the flexibility of a small city car with the transportation convenience of a van.

The Green Transformer was inspired by todays inefficient, static transportation system and a world where a shortage of space is a major concern.
The concept is based on a Golf-Class car, powered by wheel-hub motors.
Using these motors and strategic placement of battery packs along the backbone gives the car 600 liters of trunk-space with 5 passengers.
Using hub motors rather than one large motor provides the space required for this incredible functionality.
Without a bulky engine, the passenger seating (cabin) can be placed further forward adding much additional loading space without sacrificing safety. The vehicle can be easily transformed to provide space for 9 passengers or 5 passengers with an additional trunk of 2500 liters.
The additional side and bottom elements are stowed under the trunk, having no affect on the interior space when collapsed
1st Semester Team Project - Winter Semester 2007/ 08
Industrial Design 2 - Studio Esslinger
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Mentored by Hartmut Esslinger, in a team with:
Florian Wille, Philipp Maul, Djordje Djordjevic.
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