Human Drive
There are many new approaches of mass transportation but still the train traffic will be a big element in the future. More and more concepts come and bring new problems along. The need for help to transport your luggage and getting from A to B will become bigger.
The ÖBB - GRUEN 3ROLL brings a new solution for transport at train stations to provide a guided and safe trip at the station to your train.

First problem, you get out of the taxi, subway or tram and you end up going into the entrancehall to get a trolley, which can be pretty tough when you are in a hurry.
Another issue is getting your heavy luggage into the train.
Still trains in Austria are not designed for easy access and you are therefor in a need of help.
5th Semester Team Project - Winter Semester 2009/ 10
Industrial Design 2 - Studio Esslinger
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Mentored by Hartmut Esslinger, in a team with:
Erol Kursani, Tamas Nyilanszky, Jilu Chen.
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