Dachstein's most sustainable shoe: the Dachstein Eco Expl consists of 70% recycled materials. Every component has been well considered without compromising on function. The recycled knit upper feels comfortable on the skin and is highly breathable, allowing your feet to stay cool even on warm summer days. What's special about the manufacturing process is that the material is customised and knitted for each shoe size. This results in less offcuts and therefore less waste. Oil-free, vegan synthetic leather encircles the shoe and protects against abrasion and shocks. Laces and lining are made of 100% recycled polyester. For your daily adventures, the sneaker comes with a new high-performance Vibram® sole, which is made partly of recycled rubber. The midsole guarantees long-lasting cushioning for urban outdoor excursions. Go outdoors exploring with the Dachstein Eco Expl!
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